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The most precious capital we have is our expertise that, along with our technical know-how and passion for this sector, guides us towards new challenges every day.
When you enter Benozzi Engineering you breathe the value and power of a common goal. Benozzi Engineering’s team is united by a strong relationship of mutual trust and belonging that only a deep sharing of shared values and objectives can give. It is the evidence of the added value that a winning generational transition brings in the transmission of the corporate vision and in the development both on the business side and in terms of personal growth.


and expertise

In Benozzi Engineering, technology and the human component find a perfect balance. Although the average age of the team is less than 35, each employee has vertical skills gained in the field, thanks to a program of specialization courses that accompanies talents in their continuous growth. Benozzi Engineering is the example of the success that comes from a cohesive team that work together to ensure common growth and customer satisfaction. The Management believes that the well-being of the individual, not only as an employee but as an essential component of a process, is fundamental, and that is why employees can enjoy courses for personal growth.

Vertical skills
Cohesive team

Personal and professional growth

Operating in highly technological fields, the added value is high specialization. The development of technical know-how is a fundamental asset in which the company pays great attention. At the same time the management pays special attention and dedicated paths to develop the soft skills, in terms of emotional intelligence, the ability to listen and proactivity.

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